Distal Radius Fractures

The distal radius bone runs along the forearm on the thumb-side, connecting to the bones of the wrist. It is one of the most fractured bones in the body, with injuries typically due to falling. When the fall is broken by an outstretched hand, the impact is often absorbed by the distal radius bone.

Hand Treatment Options

Our treatment options depend on the severity of the fracture and the patient’s expected activity level. In general, the options are a cast or surgery. Casts are used frequently and are normally worn for six weeks. When the cast is removed, hand therapy can begin.

Hand Surgery

If surgery is necessary, an internal, external or pin fixation device may be used to set the bone. Fixation devices require a different sort of therapy with a different timeline. A splint may be required for only a few days before therapy commences. Unless told otherwise by a doctor, you should try to keep your fingers, elbow and shoulder moving so that post-procedure and post-treatment use of the arm remains normal.